How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win
How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win

Online casino in Asia feature some of the games that you won’t find at any site. One of those casino games at the Malaysia casino site is the Live Dragon Tiger. It is said to be first introduced in Cambodia by Asian gamblers. It is a card game which resembles Baccarat but is actually closer to Casino War. If you’re interested, here are guide on how to play live dragon tiger and win.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win

Dragon Tiger is played on a table with layouts indicating the betting options. It uses Standard English decks of 52 cards, not including the Joker and wild cards. Unlike most other casino card games, in Dragon Tiger the players play against the dealer.

The goal of the game is simple, players will select which hand from Dragon or Tiger will receive the highest ranking card. Unlike in Baccarat, where additional cards are drawn, Live Dragon Tiger only uses a single card to each hand.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win
How to Play Live Dragon Tiger and Win

Placing Wagers

After placing wagers on the table layout, the players wait for the dealer to flip the cards which are faced-down revealing the result. The hand with the highest ranking card wins, but there are important things to consider.

First is the order of cards, from highest to lowest: K, Q, and J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and Ace. Additionally, regardless of the rank, if both hands receive identical cards it will result in a Tie. The wagers are returned to the players less the commission depending on the site you play.

There are more than 86,320 possible outcome for each hand where 6,448 of those is a Tie. Therefore, Tie wagers are avoided by many Live Dragon Tiger players since the chance to happen is really low.

Tie Bet

As mentioned before, out of 86,320 possible results, 6,448 of those is a Tie. Standard payout for winning a Tie wager is 8:1, and which gives the casino a house edge of more than 32%. In fact, this payout differs from one online casino to another.

Big and Small Bet

Besides from the standard betting option which is choosing which hand will receive the highest ranked card, players may also bet on Big or Small. Particularly, Dragon or Tiger Big (over seven) or Small (under seven). However, if a drawn card is seven the wager will automatically lose. The online casino has more than 7% house edge on this bet.

Suit Bet

Lastly, players will be able to wager on a suit bet. As the name implies, you will predict what suit from your chosen hand will be. This side bet has a payout of 3:1. Again, the online casino takes its edge when a 7 appears.

Simple Winning Strategy

Now that you have learned how to play live dragon tiger and win, here are some simple strategy you could make. Betting on the last winner is the most ideal strategy. Since there’s only the Dragon and Tiger hands to bet, there’s a high possibility of a winning streak.

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